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Distance and drivingtime in car:

Skagen 44 km - 45 min.

Hirtshals 54 km - 48 min.

Frederikshavn 6 km - 6 min. 

Aalborg 57 km - 35 min.

Aarhus 176 km - 1 hour, 40 min.

Legoland 263 km - 2 hour, 40 min.

Copenhagen 473 km - 4 hour, 30 min.

Mother-in-law 212 km - 2 timer, 30 min.



Visit Frederikshavn

Visit Skagen

Cafe Fru Olsen in Vangen

Our opinion: We are living in a great area!

From both Frederikshavn Harbour and from Saeby downtown, it takes about 6 minutes by car to reach us. 

If you go by bike, it takes about 25 min,.
Bus #73 use about 15 min from Frederikshavn busterminal and Saeby busterminal.

Even if we are situated close to an industril area, we are close to the beach (700 meters to walk) and we have the nature with forest and hills in the backyard.  

Just across the street you find Cafe Fru Olsen (open Wednesday-Sunday), gasstation, and there are several car repair shops in the neighbourhod. The closest supermarket is Netto, about 3,5 km in direction Frederikshavn. 

Behind our big garden there is a path up to Haldbjerg, where there is a great sight to the nearby towns and the ocean. Walkingtime about 3-4 minutes. 

Frederikshavn is amont other things famous for its Palm Beach, nice shoppingstreet, and events as fairs, koncerts and the yearly soccer Cup#1. 

Saeby has a more authentic  old urban environment, charming crooked buildings, and a large guestharbour. 


Skagen has been a well-known tourist destination for over 100 years, and in 2016, Skagen Museum opened a new department with space for even more paintings and exhibitions.


Skagen town and Grenen, Denmark's northernmost point, where you can stand with one foot in each sea, are visited by approx. 2 million tourists every year and is a special experience both summer and winter.


Throughout the landscape there is beautiful and unspoilt nature, delicious beaches with good water quality (clean water) and many places to eat, especially in the summer.

You will find art exhibitions, amusement parks and even more - never far away, because here the distances are short.

You are warmly welcome!

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